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This was fun! Now I have to keep an eye out for these more often! Thanks Admiral Mods from TrekStock 2013 for helping me get an Ao3 account so I could partake in this awesomeness! *Bows* I have been making good use of my new account, and intend to keep doing so! Feel free anyone who is interested to come on my and check it out! I am still astral_alien8 on archive of our own, so look me up!


Here's another Random Rambling! Topic: Metaphysically Gifted Children
So. Apparently I am overdue for a Random Rambling, so here I come with one! As usual, this is not intended to offend, it is a rant moreso in relation to a personal experience (based loosely on, not directly derived from, I like to be vague and avoid personal data for the most part), but in true fashion to all of my Random Ramblings, it is a topic up for discussion! My one rule: NO FLAMES! This is intended to be kept civil. You may state opinions, and you may contradict me. I welcome it all. Read on:

Today's topic will be Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children. Well, not just them, but they are the hot commodity that people resonate with. In a nutshell, the special waves of children that came here with gifts that are often misunderstood by their parents. The parents of these gifted children are often broken down into three groups; the ones that understand what they have in their gifted brood, and know how to properly rear these gemstone souls, the ones that just don't get it, which can branch off into subcategories that will be covered later, and the ones that are misdirected about it, and go overboard with the 'special/gifted' child thing, and ultimately do their child a great disservice. There are two main topics with this I would like to cover, being the ones that just don't get it, and the ones that overdo it. I feel the ones that DO get it really don't need to be covered quite as deeply, but if at the end of this Rambling I'm feeling it, I will give them a Kudos paragraph as well, so we'll see.

The parents that just don't seem to know what it is they have in their children, often really hurt them without even meaning to. That may not always be the case, as there is most definitely a plethora of varying circumstances that occur within this category of parents, but the ones that do hurt these children without knowing it, often do so, because they, themselves, may not believe in the sort of gifts that these children can posess. Oftentimes, parents that come from a background with no real give toward supernatural or metaphysical variances in ability, power, gift, or whatever term you want to apply to these talents harbored by these children, cannot find it in themselves to nurture such skillsets in their children, MUCH less to believe them when they make the claims to have them in the first place. Granted, it is a reckless and foolish endeavor to simply take at face value that a child has any variation of psychic power if you are a person grounded in logic, but there are ways to check it. One thing you do not ever want to do is make your child feel as though they are strange, unloved, or defective because of these gifts. Even if you do truly believe your child to be nutters, do NOT tell them that they are crazy or weird. That will only serve to damage their fragile esteem, and foster a distrust with you as a parent. They need you, and they need to feel like they can trust you, and like they have your support, no matter what. If you do think they need help, get them checked, sure. Just please, for the love of all creation, don't break apart their ego or that sacred bond that they form with you. Words are more powerful than you realize, and they can have a lasting effect. Trust me, I know this problem first hand. My parents and I had a falling out multiple times in my childhood, and all of it was over differences in religious beliefs, and the fact that I did believe in psychic abilities, and possessed a few myself. They finally started to believe me, but mostly because the same gifts they looked down on, saved my sister's life twice. Unfortunately, the damage they caused with their words was too much, and the bond of trust was permanently damaged. I have forgiven them, but I will never have the sort of trust in them I had as a small child. This, mind you, is a culminated effect over time, and does not happen from one or two isolated events, but I use it as a word of caution: DO NOT GET CAUGHT IN THIS PATTERN. Your children look to you for their help and guidance, as well as for a role model and a source of strength and comfort when the world outside is too much, and the pain feels unbearable. If you are hurting them as well, where else can they go to feel safe? That is surely bound to cause lasting psychological scars, and it's something you don't even realize you did, because the child won't tell you it's happening. Half of the time, the child doesn't know that they need to say it. They feel they can't tell you, and they withdraw, or other reactionary issues can come of it, such as unfounded rage, fear, or depression. Is that worth it, because you thought you could intimidate the 'weird' out of your child? I'm not saying that if you think your child has a mental condition you should encourage it, but you should watch your words and actions, and never make them feel as though you think they are defective. They NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Parent 101: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! Unconditional means just that; NO CONDITIONS, so STOP JUDGING when is appropriate to love your young. Just because they are different, difficult, or slip up, no matter the severity, or even if they deviate from what you wanted for them, does not mean you should ever love them less.

On the inverse side of this, there are the parents who whole-heartedly understand the metaphysical nature of the gifts these children possess. They are very proud to be the parents of these talented souls, and they, in opposing fashion, go overboard, with making these children feel like the special beings that we know that they are. True, these souls are special, but they do not need to be pet up as superior to everyone else. If you rear a child to believe they are above everyone else, they will not be able to handle it when they leave your bosom and enter the real world for the first time. In their isolated existence, they now have it firmly affixed in their minds that they are superior, and their wills are what everyone should accomodate. When they get out to society, they get a rude slap in the face that they don't understand, and it is hard to cope with. They often fight it tooth and nail, and don't know what to do when posed with the social structure of the universe not actually revolving around them like mommy and daddy said it did. It's a fast track for failure in a lot of ways, and really leads to a painful transition for the children. Kind of seems unfair to me, to bring a child up to believe that they are above everyone else because the possess a different set of skills and talents, just to have them crash and burn when they leave your protective custody for real life. Most people that bustle about in day-to-day society won't care or will think you're off your rocker if you told them you were better than they were because you happpen to be an Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow, or any other variation of lightworker or volunteer wave. It's really best to groom them to understand their gifts, to hone them, but to also know how to integrate into society properly. It is more fitting to teach the children how to balance their spiritual and otherworldly lives with their physically grounded lives in this realm as well, after all, we are stuck here for a given amount of time. We may as well know how to properly function here.

Apparently I am feeling generous, so here is the Kudos section to the parents that DO get it. Bravo to you all! You are most likely lightworkers yourself, or just well-schooled people that happen to be possessed of an open mind, heart and soul, with the grounded mind and principles to properly balance these children, and teach them well. You are most definitely deserving of accolades, I just wish I were able to properly credit you all. I do apologize for this section being so short, but really, there is not much I can say here, aside from you already know what you are doing, and spelling it out would be pandering, and an insult to you, so I will not go there.

As parents, in general, everyone makes mistakes. This I get. I would be an absolutely daft person to think otherwise, and I know that, but the trick is to acknowledge them. You make them, note it and learn from it. Your children are not stupid, believe it or not, and will more than likely, appreciate and respect it, if when you botched it up, you apologized and learn from it. Like all things in life, you burn yourself, you learn not to play with the fire again. The same rule applies with your children. If you find yourself doing something that is disrespectful and/or hurtful to your kids, acknowledge it, learn from it, and engineer a different approach to the situation. Kids are clever, but you really should be able to come up with ways to outfox them. If your kids can get the better of you that easily, it's time to re-evaluate your tactics. You need a new game plan. The biggest thing is, don't be afraid to admit you made a mistake, particularly when you know it hurt. The apology, when it's heartfelt, goes a long way, and, here's the big thing, LEARN FROM IT!!! Remember, agree with it or not, your kid is different, and they NEED you. Be there for them, and try thinking of it from their perspective; how would I feel if my parent(s) reacted this way to what I said/how would I feel if my parent(s) said this to me? Think about that before you say something potentially hurtful to an already very sensitive child.

End Rant.

Title: Retribution

Fandom: Star Trek Into Darkness

Pairing: None, the relationship in this story is that of a bond of hate between Kirk and Harrison, or, arguably, the relationship could be the love that both feel for their crews. Depends on what you want to take away from it. The second is very subtle hints.

Characters: Kirk, Harrison, McCoy

Rating: Not Rated

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek or any of its characters. They are owned by CBS and Paramount.

Summary: This was originally for TrekStock Prompt 3: Seven Deadly Sins. Kirk and Harrison meet face to face after the events of Into Darkness, and it is a less than friendly encounter.

WARNING: IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN INTO DARKNESS YOU MAY NOT WANT TO READ THIS!! HARRISON'S REAL IDENTITY IS REVEALED INSIDE THIS STORY!! On a less dramatic note, parts of the movie are referenced here. This story also pulls from TOS lore as well, ish, in the fact that it does have references to parts of the Eugenics Wars, fanfic style.

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Just a quick plug....
Apparently my best friend to whom I have referenced a few times in my blogs, has created herself a Tumblr account! I think that is totally awesome so I am posting a link to her page for any and all who want to give it a once over! If you have an account there, give her a shout! She's a cool person with an interesting personality!

For Argument's Sake....
Alright! So here I am again, I find myself at school waiting this time for my pal to get out of class. My internet connection has gone wonky here for some reason, and I figure I have Microsoft Word, so I can at least type out a Random Rambling on here and copy-paste it to LJ once my network adapter stops being temperamental. It worked fine yesterday, and today, PFFT! It just decided it wanted to call Union break on me, and give me intermittent hope of access to the school network. I’m hoping it’s a fluke and it will work when I get home. If not, I will just have to use the USB I have and upload it via the school computers. I’m paying to have access to the computer labs here by default anyway, I may as well use them right?

Anyhow, that really is not the topic I wanted to discuss today. Today’s topic is actually far more potentially um…upsetting? I guess would be the term…to some, so please don’t take offense to it, because that is not how this is meant to be. I simply sit and observe things, and kind of state opinions or varied viewpoints. The whole point really is to get feedback, so if you have an argument that counters me, go for it! I welcome a challenge! I love them, in fact, just please refrain from bashing, because that is the opposite of what this is about. Anyway, today’s topic is religion. I know, I know, that’s a mine field of sorts, but the reason I chose it is because I grew up with a sort of strict set of religious family values in my grandparents, and some variance-ish with my parents. See, my grandparents, as with the rest of their children (all aunts) are all die-hard Christians, and my father and his family are Catholic. My siblings and I were brought up Christian, and were given no wiggle room with that. I, of course, am a natural deviant, and since the 6th grade or so, have been studying world religions and cultures, and in particular, fell in love with a few. I latched onto with much fervor, the ancient religions of Hindu, Greek, Egyptian, Judaism, and Buddhism. I studied them in depth, and while I was in the throes of studying Hindu, my grandmother confronted me at that time about what I thought about church and religion. I told her I was open to all of them, but was currently studying Hindu, and really loved it. She about died right then. She tore into me like a lioness into a wounded zebra. We went back and forth about the topic for a few minutes, and at first I thought I could simply explain it to her, but I could tell it was offending her, so I went with the best answer to avoid a family catastrophe: “You’re right, Grandma. I’m sorry.”

To bring this back to a point I was making, I was brought up in a family where I could not discuss my interests in other religions. My parents used to say ‘So long as you believe in a God or a power greater than yourself I don’t care. Just don’t talk to me about it.’ In any case, as I delved further into my studies, I brought Muslim and varying Christian offshoots into the mix, and as I did this, I thought back over the ancient religions and then the modern ones and I kind of had to laugh. What really is the difference? Think about it! We took religions that had a God hierarchy with one main god heading the pack, like say Zeus or Re…and replaced them with God or Allah, correct? Now bear with me here, I know we also changed their job descriptions and tailored their mannerisms, but the premise is there. They are still spiteful! Why else would there be punishment like say Hell otherwise after death? Would reincarnation not be a better fit to learn a lesson? After all what better way to drive home a point than on a spiritual level where you have to live a life on the opposite end of the spectrum? Kind of makes everything else that’s wonky in the world make more sense, albeit still messed up, it can sort of make sense in some fashion as lessons in life. Of course the topic of reincarnation vs. Hell is another blog to come, so I am going to cut this off right here. Anyway, back to the comparisons: We have God instead of Re. Now we take the lesser gods, like Anubis, Sekhmet and Thoth and turn them into the angels, and have them serve under God with different roles, but still governing power positions over not only other angels, but people and animals as well! Is that not ringing a bell? That means, in a nutshell, we took Re, Thoth, Sekhmet, and Anubis and traded them for, oh let’s say for argument, God, Gabriel, Michael, and Azrael. Funny, isn’t it? Michael, Gabriel and Azrael all do for God different tasks similarly as Thoth, Anubis and Sekhmet did varying tasks for Re. Granted the tasks vary, the point is, the Angels are in like fashion to the demi gods of the polytheistic religions, yeah? So that brings me to one of the real points of the whole premise of this particular topic…WHY do we have such issues accepting each other for our differences? Why do people like to segregate based on religious reasons? I know many people who told me they feel uncomfortable or even intimidated by people of different religions because they are afraid of being judged! That’s just messed up in my opinion. I believe there is no really good reason to judge someone based on such a shallow reason. Religion is a small fraction of what makes a person. People have far more to what makes up who and what they are to their core. If I don’t like you, it’s because I got to know you and you did something to earn that feeling from me. I do not believe in taking the word of mouth chain, I believe in fact and evidence. I like to know for myself, and I am no fool. I can make my own decisions, and I like to think I have a sharp wit and a keen eye for a good person. I have never judged someone based on religion, color, ethnicity, social class, popularity, gender, sexual orientation, none of that. I have had friends of all backgrounds, and you know what, they all taught me a lot of things. In many ways, some of them have been my best mentors in how life really works for the whole, not just the fractional part. After all, the world is made up of multitudes of fractional parts that come together to form one cohesive whole, and to me that is what makes the world beautiful. I love the diversity of this planet in all of its forms, both of the human variety and the natural; that, however, I will save for another blog. ;)

haHA! Class got out EARLY!!! I love College...Here's a Random Rambling!
Okay. So as it would happen, I got out of my math class early today. Apparently he decided he had enough of the lecture and let us go, so now I have a nice little gap between that and my CPT 101 class which starts in about an hour and a half. Yeah, I’m studying Computer programming and web design at my local technical college, which is exciting. It is a far stretch from the veterinary field I was in before, but I suppose that happens sometimes. I loved working with the animals, but I guess sometimes fate has other ideas for you, and this was one of those cases. My body was just not up to snuff, and my back gave out on me one day when I was working on a rather large dog. I let it ride as I often do, but it just wasn’t letting up. I went to the doctor after a while, upon realizing it was not soon backing down, and learned that I had somehow managed to get myself three herniated disks in the lumbar spine. Yeah, that was not the highlight of my day, but sometimes things happen. In this case, it caused me to step back and evaluate what other avenues my life could take. I believe in the power of positive thinking, and I reformed my goal set according to the new limitations I was given. I intend to make do with an IT career and open my own healing gardens with my best friend who is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. We have the grandest designs in mind for naturopathic healers to have open practice in the provided center at the garden, as well as a small shop that will sell herbal teas, crystals, and other energy healing and ancient or time tested methodology for people to utilize or just explore and enjoy. We have been lining up the people we would network with and everything! It is fun to aspire toward a common goal we both agree with. Of course this is a good while off, as we have yet to select a locale as to where we even want to open this place. We both have to finish our degrees as well. A slightly later start is better than no start at all, in my book.

On another completely unrelated front, I have decided that I am going to redo one of my longest running comic series that has been my pet project for the larger part of 2 years. I was re-reading it, and the last two installments just need to go. They need to be revamped in the worst fashion, but the problem is, I have too many avenues to go down, and I can’t seem to get my head down enough to choose just one. Another issue I am running into is with one of the characters in this particular arc that I fear may have been introduced too early, or maybe just inappropriately…I’m not sure yet. His name and character design are giving me the runaround as well. He is supposed to be Greek but I can’t seem to decide on his name. I may just hit up Google for a few ideas, I don’t really know yet. As far as his design goes, I have his demon form…ish…but his human form-That completely eludes me! I am at an absolute loss! Every time I sit down to draw him I completely lose my juice! I just come up empty! I sketched out two drafts in English class once while we were going over a grammar lesson, but placed both designs in the round file, as Colonel Johnson used to call it, soon after class let out. One looked like a character from one of the anime shows I had seen before, so it had to go, the other….I just didn’t approve it. For whatever reason, it was just not up to snuff for me. Yeah, I’m kind of just rambling, but that’s really the point of an online blog isn’t it? Anyhow, I think I am going to cut this off here, so I can actually log onto my math lab online and do this module so I can stop fretting over falling behind on my homework. I have 2 modules that I need to have done by….well, today is Monday…they are due…Wednesday! Isn’t that lovely? Yeah there’s a test on both of them that has to be completed on Wednesday in the Lab class and in order to have access to said tests, I have to have completed both modules. Fun fun. Oh well, Tis only a temporary thing. Just hang back and wait on the next post I make. I have some interestingly out there ideas for that one ;)

Twilight Fans

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Random Ramblings
Twilight Fans
Okay! So it appears I have not posted anything besides my story, so I decided to just post some random thoughts so here I go! As far as my little mini series Star Trek slash story, I am still currently writing the second part. Apparently it is going to be longer than the first, but whatever. It's fun to write!

Normally I restrict my writings to poetry, but for some reason I have been rather uninspired on that front. Then again, I used to use that as an outlet, so those were dominantly of a dark nature. I did used to take requests, though. Those were typically the only love themed poems I had. Meh this is a little untrue. I DID have some poems about nature...those weren't dark at all. A little lackluster, but not dark. I guess I have been pretty stable this past year.5 or so. Then again, I have been working on some new techniques for emotional control, and I think I may have finally gotten it down. I am pretty proud of that! ^.^

Anyway, I have been going through some of my old drawings lately too. I find I had a lot of rough sketches and character designs I never really did anything with. I actually found myself throwing away an entire sketchbook because none of the pictures in it were up to snuff for my better artwork. Wellllll I have also been neglecting my binder of comics that I have yet to complete. I have a ton of them, and sadly, I seem to start them then get bored and let them settle in sketchy unfinished phases. In fact, I doubt if any of them really are....*Muses to self*

Funny thing about these sites...I used to have a MySpace, and I had a lot of role play accounts as well as my personal ones. The personal accounts I had, yeah I had two...held random ramblings and thoughts as well as observations and theories. I realize that this site is really good for that as well, so I figure I can do some updates here and there as well, instead of simply using this site for my stories. My MySpace accounts are no more, but that's because they have been replaced with Facebook, which I refuse to join. I figure if I do that it is quite likely it will also be phased out by something newer and better. I just got tired of keeping up. Thinking about it, I used to have a LJ account back in the day too...I was known as Shuriken_firecat on here...I believe that one got deleted for lack of use. Maybe this one will go over better than the last one.

Anyway, I think that's it for this little personal update! Thanks for reading!


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