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Phantasmagoric Musings

NOTHING is as it seems...

15 September
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I am a free spirited and very bored person with way too much creativity. I have recently gotten into writing fanfics of Star Trek characters, particularly the K/S pairing. I also write poetry on occasion, and have a fondness for art. I work with oil pastels, color pencils, charcoals, and draw my own comic books, as well as the occasional tattoo design.

Another few points of interest to me are the occult and mysticism, but I am by no means a witch or an obsessive. I like to learn more about that stuff as well as other world religions, present and past. I have a fondness for learning about ancient civilizations like Egypt, Greece, and early Europe.

I am currently in school for computer programming and web design, but I have also already been for veterinary assisting. I have yet to actually decide what my passion is though truthfully. I am just sort of enjoying explorations of the possibilities presently, but I'm certain that I will settle once I finally reach my goals. My goal in life is shared by my roommate and best friend whom I love to the ends of the universe and back, but if you want to know what it is, please feel free to ask. :)